Recycling and recovery of plastic scrap
We purchase post-industrial plastic waste

We supply plastic goods manufacturers with all types of recycled plastic material. Plastic without impurities, post-industrial origin, quality assurance. International global trading.


Our recycling process involves the minimum physical alteration of the plastic product, maintaining all its chemical properties and only minimally altering its chemical composition. We retain all the original properties of the treated plastic.

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    Materials Management

    We are officially certified managers of post-industrial plastic waste; not usable plastic material surplus resulting from a manufacture process.

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    Selection and Assortment

    The by-product plastic material or the rejected one is carefully selected, classified and stored in specific watertight compartments.

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    We have specific industrial machinery for plastic grinding in different diameters: from 8 to 12 mm.

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    Packaging and labelling

    We always pack ‘big bags’, from 500 to 1,500 kg per bag. We cover them with a transparent polyethylene coating to facilitate visual inspection. With tamper-evident seal.

We deal with your post-industrial plastic waste

Baidal Plastic solves any problems that manufacturers may have with their post-industrial plastic scrap, normally of great volume. We raise in value a company’s own waste. We help factories save on their high costs of storage and scrap material management.

Defective parts that have not passed the required quality tests before going into the market.

Sprue, runners and other burrs generated during the manufacturing process that are not part of the final product.

Plastic material, our products

We guarantee that our recycled plastic material is pure and suitable for reuse. We ensure that it does not contain contaminating agents, impurities or trace of any other types of plastic.


Quality and economical recycled plastic material supply, adjusted to market prices and customer needs.

We care about the environment

Currently, Europe’s recovery and recycling companies are not able to process and treat all the plastic waste generated in the continent, which piles up in factories as post-industrial waste material. Nor is there enough recycling capacity in other industrial giants, such as China or India, generating a very serious global environmental problem, affecting the entire planet.

Whole floating islands of plastic waste drifting in the sea. Gigantic and huge uncontrolled landfills that not only gather all types of waste but also pollute everywhere else. These are some examples that illustrate the environmental problem we are facing. Some answers in the right direction, although still not enough, are the Paris Agreement on climate change or the European regulations on plastic bags in supermarkets.

All the team that we form Baidal Plastic are very aware of this problem and, from our modest position as a recovery and recycling company of post-industrial plastic waste, we strive to make our contribution and be part of the solution to this great challenge the Earth is facing.

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